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Water Resources of New England

Welcome to the New England Water Science Center web page. This is your direct link to water-resource information on New England's rivers and streams, groundwater, water quality, and biology. Data collection and interpretive studies are done by the Center to support multi-state water-resource infrastructure and management needs and are part of the USGS science strategy to address the water-resource priorities of the nation and global trends in:

  • Ecosystem status and change
  • Climate variability and change
  • National hazard risk and assessment
  • Environmental risk to human health
  • Water use and availability
  • Transportation activities in relation to water resources

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Featured Project

USGS Coastal Storm Surge Monitoring Network

Sensors site locations map interface

Sensors site locations map interface.

Hurricane Sandy made the East Coast of the United States realize its vulnerability to extreme tidal surges, coastal flooding and possible impacts of climate change on sea levels and weather. Following this devastating event, the US Geological Survey (USGS) received $18.8 million in supplemental funding to better understand coastal flooding, to improve our preparedness for future coastal storms, and to increase the resilience of coastal cities, infrastructure and natural systems.
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Newest Publications

Journal Publications

Huntington, T.G., and Billmire, M., 2013, Trends in Precipitation, Runoff, and Evapotranspiration for Rivers Draining to the Gulf of Maine in the United States: Journal of Hydrometeorology, v.15, p. 726-743.

Lamborg, C.H., Kent, D.B., Swarr, G.J., Munson, K.M., Kading, Tristan, O’Connor, A.E., Fairchild, G.M., LeBlanc, D.R., and Wiatrowski, H.A., 2013, Mercury speciation and mobilization in a wastewater-contaminated groundwater plume: Environmental Science & Technology, v.47, no. 23, p. 13239-13249.

Joseph D. Ayotte, Marcel Belaval, Scott A. Olson, Karen R. Burow, Sarah M. Flanagan, Stephen R. Hinkle, Bruce D. Lindsey, 2014, Factors affecting temporal variability of arsenic in groundwater used for drinking water supply in the United States. Science of The Total Environment.

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USGS Publications

cover Scientific Investigations Report 2014–5078
Olson, S.A., 2014, Estimation of flood discharges at selected annual exceedance probabilities for unregulated, rural streams in Vermont, with a section on Vermont regional skew regression, by Veilleux, A.G.

cover Fact Sheet 2014–3042
Flanagan, S.M., Belaval, Marcel, and Ayotte, J.D., 2014, Arsenic, iron, lead, manganese, and uranium concentrations in private bedrock wells in southeastern New Hampshire, 2012–2013

cover Fact Sheet 2014–3026
Hodgkins, G.A., Norris, J.M., and Lent, R.M., 2014, The USGS National Streamflow Information Program and the importance of preserving long-term streamgages

cover Open-File Report 2014–1031
Huntington, T.G., Culbertson, C.W., Fuller, Christopher, Glibert, Patricia, and Sturtevant, Luke, 2014, Nutrient budgets, marsh inundation under sea-level rise scenarios, and sediment chronologies for the Bass Harbor Marsh estuary at Acadia National Park

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